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Outdoor Weddings & Micro Weddings

Covid-19 has had an adverse affect on weddings and on Maryland wedding DJs. People are leery about indoor events, many county and state governments have mandated a limits on the number of people allowed to attend events. But all is not lost, I present two types of weddings that may address the concerns of couples looking to get married during Covid-19 restrictions.

  • Outdoor Weddings: Depending on your geographical location, getting married at an outdoor wedding venue may be just what the doctor ordered. Not only does it make for a rustic wedding, it will also reassure a lot of potential guests who might not attend if the wedding and reception where indoors. An outdoor wedding reception will also might allow you to invite more of the people that you'd like to share your special day with.

  • Micro Weddings: What is a Micro wedding you ask? Simply put, a Micro Wedding is an abbreviated marriage celebration with only a handful of invited guests (commonly 20 or less). Micro Weddings are shorter in duration and simpler in format. These weddings create a relaxing atmosphere and are easier to organize than a traditional wedding celebrations.

When it comes to your big day, the sky is the limit! Be creative and come up with as many outdoor wedding ideas as possible. Once you have a theme in mind (or no theme), you can start planning your ceremony today by simply searching for"outdoor wedding venues near me." Whichever venue you decide to go with, I'm sure their staff will be able to assist you in making your wedding day fun and memorable.

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