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Updated: Jan 8

Purchasing bundled goods and services has become our way of life. From bundled meals, to bundled DJ and wedding vendor services, the list goes on and on!! I'll be the first to admit that bundled goods and services CAN save you money, and cable TV is a perfect example. You can buy internet, TV, and phone services separately for $110.00 a month each, or you can purchase these services in a bundle (usually for a obligated length of time) for $300.00 a month. That's a savings of $30.00 a month and who doesn't want to save money?!?!

But what if you ONLY need internet and cable TV for $220.00 a month? Or perhaps you only need Internet connectivity for $110.00 a month? In these situations, buying bundled services will cost you more money each month, and on top of that, it FORCES you to purchase services you don't want or need!

At Then And Now Events, all of our services are offered on a "A La Carte basis" that way you'll pay for what you want and need. Do you only need services for you reception? Or do you need need music for your wedding ceremony or cocktail hour as well? If so, simple add those to your reception service. Al La Carte gives you the ultimate flexibility in creating a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Contact us soon, lets talk about bringing your vision to life!

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