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Covid-19 Wedding Tips

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

No matter the season, year, month or day, there’s a lot of thought and preparation that goes into planning wedding day. It is an exciting time and can often be stressful when trying to make sure all the pieces fall perfectly into place. However, if you're planning a wedding during the corona virus crisis, you are more than likely experiencing another level of wedding related stress. Here are some tips to help you plan your dream wedding during Covid.


  • Be open to a smaller wedding that originally planned. Most venues have a restriction on the number of guests allowed, be sure to communicate with the venue to avoid any miscommunications.

  • Be flexible with the date and season of your wedding. While you may have dreamed about a beautiful spring wedding, fall and Winder can still be beautiful! Small changes in linens & florals (to accommodate your new wedding date) should not cost much and still can match our original vision.

  • If there is a size restriction on the number of attendees, look into options for recording, and or streaming the ceremony and reception. This will also enable those who cannot attend to witness your special day.

  • Instead of a buffet, switch to a plated option for all meals. If space allows, limit the number of guests at each table. Also, ensure you have a seating chart. Be sure to seat only one family at each table.

  • Keep in constant communication with your vendors (including DJ/entertainment). Have a backup plan and understand what options are available with your various vendors. Be sure to pay attention to all vendor agreements and understand your contractual obligations with each vendor. Fully discuss service retainers and event rescheduling policies.

  • Integrate a cute sanitation station with hand sanitizers, dress it up to fit your wedding’s unique vibe.

  • If you are not comfortable meeting in person, set up a video call with your various vendors. This allows you to meet them “face to face” and establish a connection. See if your venue offers virtual tours or ask them to go over venue pictures during the video call.

  • If you have to postpone your wedding, consider having it on a Friday! There is usually more availability than on Saturday and it may save you money on booking fees.

  • Stay positive and know that this will pass.

  • While you may have to postpone the day, or adjust your guest counts, have faith that your vendors will work with you to ensure your dream wedding will happen.

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