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Cardi B's WAP Is Not a Song I Will Play

It's safe to say that the song WAP recorded by Cardi B and Megan The Stallion is probably the most controversial song playing on the radio. Because of the super sexually charged video, this song has been a very popular subject on social media.

Here is my take on it. Personally I feel the song is no worse than records of the past recorded by artists such as 2-Live Crew, Khia, etc. However, I WILL NOT PLAY THIS SONG AT ANY OR SONGS LIKE IT AT ANY PUBLIC GATHERING.

Here are three reasons why DJ Ralph Hunter Productions will/would not play this song.

  1. Our Target Client: My Target client is closer to 35 than to 25. Not saying 35 (and older) year olds don't like current popular music, but they tend to value hearing the classics and popular dance songs from their early to mid 20's more than hearing what's currently playing in the clubs.

  2. Target Events: We seem to mainly get booked for Micro Weddings, Full sized weddings, corporate events, youth events, and family oriented block parties and community festivals. Playing songs with explicit or sexually suggestive language is highly frowned upon there for I won't do it.

  3. My brand: My goal is to create a brand of mobile entertainment that is family friendly and inclusive to everyone. I will not play any material that can be considered offensive. I'm not a prude but there is a place for songs such as WAP and the family oriented events that I frequently perform at is not the right place.

In closing, my associate DJ's and I love to perform live! That passion is what makes us premier Maryland wedding DJ's. We may not be the perfect fit for everyone's event and we are fine with that. But if you need HR and parent/grand parent approved audio entertainment and lighting, look no further than DJ Ralph Hunter Productions. Contact us today at Then And Now DJ. Don't forget to mention this Blog for 10% of of your total booking price.

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