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Week 4: Eagles Vs 49ers

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It's hard to gripe after a win. However, I'm an EAGLES FAN and complaining is simply what we do!! But I'll say the team finally looked as if the team was prepared to play! It looked as if there was a bit more energy and not nearly as many miss-queues and plain ole obvious mistakes.


- The Grade would of been an A, but Dougie P sort of abandoned the run. The Eagles rushed for approximately 105 yards, but 37 of those yards were off of Wentz scrambles, but I guess sometimes you take item as they come. Personally I think Mile Sanders should of had more touches, I know Doug views screens and swing passes as "runs" but Sanders was fairly effective on his rushing attempts (46 yrds on 13 carries) and for the first time this season our offensive line was pushing people backwards!!! I'd like to add that Jordan Mailata played a heck of a game especially considering it was his first start at left tackle which is one of the hardest positions in football.

- Now, lets talk about Carson Wentz. I wouldn't say that Carson Wentz was "lights out!" But I will say he made EVERY PLAY that he absolutely had to make, be it by his legs or with his arm! That touchdown throw to Travis Fulgham (Who??) was absolutely incredible. I don't know about ya'll but I'll take it!!!


- I think this grade is fitting because of the take - aways and as you all know that is EVERYTHING in football. For the Eagles to turn things around, the defense has to play in the same manor they did last night!!! Come to think of it, I would of given this unit an A, if not for the play of middle line backer Nathan Gerry! I don't know about you guys, but to me it ALWAYS looks like he's out of position or out of the play! Why is he on the field!?! Speaking of linebacker, Alex Singleton had a fantastic game!!! No idea where we got him from but I was impressed with his ability to get to the ball and pass coverage.

- As is the norm with a Jim Schwartz defense, when the front four gets pressure, great things happen! At times the front four was brilliant, but as my best friend Mikee Scott pointed out, "you wouldn't of known Fletcher Cox even played last night if he didn't keep leaving with injuries." I agree 100% with that statement and I hope Fletcher gets healthy and back to killing it on the field.

SPECIAL TEAMS - A: Special teams played a flawless game!! Punt team coverage was out of this world and really helped with field position. I really don't have a ton to say about the special teams unit. The way I see it, if special teams plays well, you won't have a lot to say about them.

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