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Week 2: Vs The Los Angeles Rams.

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OVERALL - C minus: Before I get into this, let me start by saying that the LA Rams are a very good football team! I'd be very surprised if they don't make it to the NFC Championship game. So, overall I watched a team (meaning the Eagles) that didn't seem to be well prepared (more on that later). I also noticed (the past two weeks) that we are not a very physical team. My 14 year old stepson (who happens to play center for his 13U football team) noticed it as well and he stated "We are not moving anyone off of the ball! What the heck!!!" It seems as if the NFL is changing; it's not just about getting skilled players open in space, you also need to push people around at the line of scrimmage. Right now, we are not doing that and if we don't fix that, it could be a VERY long season. Heck! Even Andy Reid's KC Chiefs can grind it out for 3 yards when needed!

Offense - C: I'll start with the positives. Pederson was actually committed to running the ball this week. Miles Sanders had 20 carries for 95 yards while Boston Scott carried the ball four times for 19 yards. Both backs averaged 4.8 yards per carry and I think that is pretty impressive considering the O-line didn't exactly blow people off of the line of scrimmage. Speaking of the offensive line, they actually did a much better job this week. I say that because Aaron Donald is the type of player that can completely take over a game with pressure and sacks, but he was fairly quiet today.

Now for the not so positive. WHEN IS CARSON WENTZ GOING TO RETURN TO 2017 FORM? Something in the Wentz, Pederson, scheme/system equation is NOT WORKING!!! Why is Wentz holding the ball so long? Is it the play calling? Is it Wentz? Or do our wide receivers simply stink? First thing that needs to change is the physicality of our O-line!! They need to start blowing people off the ball and moving the line of scrimmage forward! We can't continue to get pushed backwards, or even be neutral in our blocking, we must win at the point of attack. Our offense MUST STOP TURNING THE BALL OVER!!! Wentz needs to make better decisions! He seems to be a slit second slow in his progressions and decision making. Our wide outs need to play better, it's that simple.

Defense - F: The defensive line still sucks!!! They did manage to generate some pressure and when they did we got the Rams off of the field. I think I need to mention that the D-line only pressured Goff, they had no sacks today. Our line backing corp is absolutely horrible! Where is all of this speed that we acquired during the off season? Our line backers were consistently out of position and displayed ZERO discipline on reverses and misdirection plays. Come on guys!! Somebody has to stay home!!!! Also, this is the second week that the defense didn't have a take away. :-(

Special Teams - B: This unit is the only bright spot of the game! Jake Elliot made both of his FG attempts, and they had a take away on punt coverage. Boston Scott averaged 20 yards per kick return and in general they did what special teams are supposed to do.

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