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Week 1: Eagles Vs. Washington Football Team

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All I can say is are you F%&KING kidding me?!?!? I don't even know where to begin!!!

Offense - D+:

The only reason I rated the offense this high is because of their 1st half success. Wentz looked lights out, and the double tight end offense seemed very successful at creating match ups that worked in the Eagles favor.

Now lets talk about offensive play calling and QB play!! Both Pederson and Wentz should be embarrassed by their second half performance. Jack Del Rio completely out coached Pederson today and that was obvious as Washington was able to shut down our offense and NONE of the adjustments made by Pederson helped to regain our first half form. Pederson called 42 pass plays compared to only 15 running plays (for 54 yards)! I don't know why, but Pederson seems to have no desire to run the football.

Need I say anything regarding today's QB play? I'll cut Wentz a little bit of slack for one of the INT's, it was obvious he got hit while throwing the ball, but the other one was simply a bad decision. Oh, before I forget, the offensive line really stinks and they should be embarrassed after giving up eight sacks!

Defense - D+:

The defensive line MUST play better!!! They started out great but fissiled out! Without pressure from our front four, we will not will football games! Things that stuck out to me are: ZERO take aways, and a super obvious blown coverage for a touch down. As far as coaching is concerned, Washington made adjustments and we had no answer for any of them.


Not much to say, they tackled when they needed to tackle, they fumbled the one punt return but managed to recover it. I'll attribute that to rookie gitters. I thought they did will in the punting game, I'll go as far as to say that field position was probably the only part of this game we were actually competitive in.


I know it's only week one, so I won't throw the entire team away but in my opinion the Eagles were simply out played and out coached. I also believe THIS TEAM WAS NOT PREPARED TO PLAY! Yeah I know, there was no preseason, but Washington didn't have a preseason either!!

Why do so many EAGLES get hurt? Let's count today's injuries shall we? Jack Driscoll (did not return), Brandon Graham (did not return), Boston Scott (returned but limited), Desean Jackson (played but hindered) Vinny Curry (did not return), I mean really?!?!?!

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