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Taking the stress out of hiring a Wedding DJ

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

More and more couples are telling us how stressful hiring a DJ as been. We know how stressful planning a wedding/event can be so we've removed the stress out of hiring event entertainment.

Five reasons you should consider hiring Then & Now Events

1 - More VALUE and SERVICES for your wedding dollar. Our $999.00 Essentials package includes EVERYTHING needed (including dance floor lighting & wireless microphones) to cover your entire wedding. This includes a sound system for one room. If your event requires Sound in more than one room, we recommend the Classic Package.

2 - Transparency and upfront pricing. Couples have expressed how hiring a DJ is "nerve wrecking and stressful." We hear you, and we aim to make hiring us easy. We'll provide you with a quote right up front, also the package prices you see on the website is the price YOU PAY!!

3 - Reliability. When you Choose Then & Now Events you can rest easy

knowing your wedding/event will go off without a hitch. We bring back ups for just about EVERYTHING, so even if there is an equipment problem (very rare but possible) we will simply swap out the faulty equipment without any interruptions. We'll arrive at least two hours early to ensure we get everything set up, tested, and working perfectly prior to the start of your event.​

4 - Outstanding Customer Service.

This is your BIG Event and we will do everything within our power to ensure you get exactly what you need to make your event memorable!

5 - Superior Performance. As stated earlier, We are NOT wedding DJ's. We are highly skilled DJ's who happen to perform at weddings! We can provide the mood or vibe for just about any event be it a wedding, or private/corporate event.

Hiring Then & Now Events is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!!

Step ONE - Pick one of our three DJ service & decor packages: The Essentials Package: $999.00 (Simple & Elegant), The The Executive Package: 1499.00. (Includes uplighting), Or the Kitchen Sink Package: $2200.00 (designed for BIG EVENTS. Details can be found on our webpage

Step TWO - Decide if you want or need additional services such as club or uplighting, Selfie-station, or event streaming services.

Step THREE - Contact us today for a no hassle, pressure free (No-upsale) buying/booking experience. We don't believe in up-selling our clients, our add-on services are all listed on our webpage and available by request. We figure if you want them, you'll ask for them.

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