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Philadelphia Eagles Week 7 Vs NYC Giants

Wow!!! What a game huh? So here is how I graded the Eagles performance this week Vs the New York Football Giants. It may not of been pretty, but Ya take them anyway you can get them. I changed the format just a little bit tell me what you think.


The Good:

  • Eagles scoring on a sustained drive early in the game. In my opinion sustained drives mean a good offensive game plan, the offensive line is executing, and that the QB is reading the game well. A coach once told me "if my offense is executing at a high level, I can tell the defense what I'm going to run and we will still get positive yards". I don't know if you can do that in the NFL but I understand and respect the sentiment.

The Bad:

  • Questionable play calling and decisions galore throughout the game!

  • An attempted fade route to your newly signed tight end that doesn't even know where he should line up.

  • Doug only ran the ball 13 times (between the running backs & D-Jack) for approximately 58 yards.

The Ugly:

  • The last minute challenge attempt. As a coaching staff they absolutely failed! Those reviews and recommendations MUST happen faster the future.

  • Playing Lane Johnson wasn't smart. Let him heal properly so we have him late in the season.

OFFENSE C minus:

The Good:

  • Carson Wentz's performance down the stretch of the 4th quarter and the fact that he threw for 359 yards.

  • Noticed some leadership from Carson.

  • Boston Scott made the most out of his touches rushing for 46 yards and of course that fantastic game winning catch on the wheel route.

The Bad:

  • In my opinion 43 pass attempts is to many! I know Doug likes to pass in order to set up the run but we gotta find a way to run the ball more consistently.

  • Carson Wentz must STOP HOLDING THE BALL. THROW THE BALL AWAY DUDE!! You're killing me!

  • Pederson's in-game adjustments. He seems to be a day late and a dollar short every week!

The Ugly:

  • Our offensive line still STINKS! Yeah, yeah, I know, I know! But regardless of why, they really stink!!!

  • I truly believe the O-line's subpar performance has significantly changed the play book and play calling.

  • Our red zone offense in general is hella ugly!!! Gotta stop being cute and go with your best 5 plays.

DEFENSE - C plus:

The Good:

  • The defensive line showed up in a major way.

  • I feel that Nathan Gerry actually played a good 1st half!! I think he's more comfortable at outside backer.

  • What's not to like about two turnovers? If hey can keep that up, the Eagles will win a few more games.

  • I think Duke Riley's return made a BIG difference.

The Bad:

  • Nathan Gerry didn't play a good 2nd half!!! I don't know what happened to Singleton, but for some reason Gerry was moved back to the Mike LB position and the good defensive performance of the 1st half slowly deteriorated.

  • Cra'von LeBlanc got absolutely touched by Golden Tate, but I'll boil that down to scheme.

  • No way in hell this team should EVER play press cover zero!

The ugly:

  • Where were the safeties on Daniel Jone's 80 yard run?

  • Why were the linebackers (especially Nathan Gerry) so far out of position on Daniel Jone's 80 yard run?

  • Nathan Gerry in general.


The Good:

  • No turnovers

The Bad:

  • Two missed field goals.

The Ugly:

  • Mass confusion on a punt return. The Eagles left the gunner uncovered! If the Giants coaching staff would of caught it in time they could of simply thrown it to the gunner for a guaranteed 1st down/possible touch down.

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