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Philadelphia Eagles Week 6 Vs Ravens


- I'm sorta at a loss for words this week. I mean what I can say? It Still looks like the team is playing hard but the offensive line is decimated, and we lack real play makers outside of Miles Sanders, but somehow we have been fairly competitive the last two weeks!! It's hard to criticize the coaching knowing this team as a whole doesn't have a ton of talent at crucial positions such as WR, OT, LB, and CB. I will gripe about Doug not kicking the field goal at the end of the first half, we could of used those three points! No?

OFFENSE - C plus:

- Lets face it! Our offensive line is the absolute worst! They can't pass block! They can't run block! THEY CAN'T BLOCK!!! Miles Sanders had 118 rushing yards in spite of virtually no blocking up front but we cannot depend on a 70+ yard run from him every week! At some point in time we need to push people off of the ball and grind out some yardage. I feel bad for Carson Wentz today. He was sacked six times!!!! SIX!!!!!! I thought he played better than what the stats would show. He was 21 of 40 for 214 yards and two touch downs. His stat line would of been a bit better if not for a couple of crucial drops .

DEFENSE - C plus:

- I thought Jim Schwartz called an ok game considering. When it comes to the Ravens, you have to pick your poison. Either you let Lamar Jackson beat you with his legs, or you let Lamar Jackson beat you with his arm & legs!!! It would appear we chose to let him beat us with his arm & his legs!! But how do you defend the best athlete on the field when you don't have a defender that is even remotely close to Jackson's athletic ability? The defense made some crucial stops today, it's hard to gripe (too much) about them or their effort today.

- I noticed that Nathan Gerry has been moved back to OLB and stat wise he had a much better day. He had 7 tackles and one successful pass defense. More importantly, he wasn't caught out of position flailing around the field like in weeks past. Alex Singleton didn't seem to fair much better at MLB than Gerry did ,I think this is a position that must be addressed in the off season.

SPECIAL TEAMS - A: Nothing to see here. They pretty much were not a factor, which I think is a good thing.

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