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Philadelphia Eagles Week 5 Vs Pittsburgh

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

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- Let me start by saying the Eagles where competitive against a pretty good Pittsburgh Steeler team. Yes, they made some mistakes, yes they had waaaaaaay too many penalties but they actually looked prepared to play (for the most part) and you can't argue with the effort! For what it's worth, this team has not given up!!

- Now let's discuss the field goal attempt on 4th and 5. I personally would of went for the 1st down because I felt as though we had some offensive momentum. But that would not of been the smart football move, and that line of thinking is exactly why I'm not a NFL coach. My friend Mikee said he would of punted because you pin the Steeler' deep on their side of the field with four minutes on the clock and ALL of your time outs. This strategy also makes sense to me. And then there's the 47 yard field goal attempt (which Pederson chose). Considering how good Henry has been, this is probably the smart choice on 4th and 5 because if he makes it, you're in the lead. What would you have done?

OFFENSE - C plus:

- A couple of things jumped out to me right off the bat. The first thing is the fact that Miles Sanders only had 13 total touches today! He had 11 rushing attempts (for 80 yards) and 2 receptions (for 19 yards). Give him the freaking ball DOUG!!!!

- The second thing that jumped out to me is the offensive line STILL is not moving the line of scrimmage!!! I'm not sure if it's a blocking scheme thing, or if we just don't have a lot of talent upfront but we need to be able to run the ball with more consistency and that starts with winning the battle up front! The fact that Sanders only had 80 yards with a 74 yard run being most of it is very telling. Most of the offensive line' run blocks where what I would describe as "neutral" meaning they didn't get beat, but they didn't push the defense off of the ball. Neutral blocks are not a good thing.

- The WR's played better than they have in weeks past! Once again Travis Fulgam (Who?) showed up and showed out!! He had 10 catches on 13 targets for 152 yards and a touchdown! He took full advantage of the double teams on Zach Ertz, and Pittsburgh taking away Greg Ward. I think the formula is out on how to beat Wentz, simply take Ertz away and dare the other receivers to step up. Arcega-Whiteside wasn't very impressive other than his downfield blocking the 74 yard Sanders touchdown.

DEFENSE - D plus:

- The funny thing is I don't feel that the defense played horribly! But I do feel that some of the defensive coaching decisions were horrible! I mean, the first coaching mistake was starting Nathan Gerry! The second mistake was leaving Nathan Gerry in man-2-man coverage against a speedy receiver in the slot who had already touched you for three touchdowns!!!

- I also noticed a couple blown overages, one of them for a touchdown. This team is not talented enough to have those types of lapses! Also, the linebackers continue to be out of position. They can't defend a jet or reverse to save their lives!!! UGH!!!!

SPECIAL TEAMS - A: Nothing to see here. They pretty much were not a factor, which I think is a good thing.

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