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Tonight from 8:00PM EST to 11:00PM Your favorite Maryland Wedding DJ goes LIVE!!

With Covid-19 All but ending wedding season, a lot of DJ's are finding other avenues to be creative and work with music. I personally continue to work with the HillTop Radio show, more specifically I'm evaluating new music by independent artists live on air providing my honest assessment of their songs. My feedback is broken up into two distinct categories:

1 - Would I put the song on my personal play list, 2 - Would I play the song at an event I've been hired to DJ at. I'm happy to say that I've personally liked just about every track I've heard, and more importantly, there were only two songs that I felt would not be suitable to play as a Maryland Wedding DJ.

I don't evaluate these tracks on my own, the Indie Artist Live Radio Show DJ panel Is made up of DJ Debo Taylor, DJ KevNice Berry, and hosted by HillTop Radio's very own DJ Shaun and DJ Wiz. So Check us out tonight on HillTop Radio's Indie Artist Live where we will interview and debut tracks from two hot artists.

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