Guest Centric Wedding Reception

The world is changing! It's becoming much smaller, multi-cultural. Old traditions and customs are being replaced with NEW tradition & customs. No longer are you seeing Bouquet tosses, or the garter toss, couples are creating their own traditions. So, you're wondering what does this have to do with my wedding reception? Well, depending on your personality, it could have a lot, or a little to do with the outcome of your wedding reception.

One thing I've noticed is wedding receptions seem to be getting more "guest centric." Meaning, couples are doing more to honor their guests for coming out and celebrating Their very special day with them.

Not all of us can perform New Additions "Can you Stand The Rain," But here are some ideas to help make your wedding reception more exciting and guest centric.

1.) DIY Selfie Station: Selfie Stations are so much fun! They also provide your guests with a lovely memento to take home with them to ensure they remember your wedding day forever. Most Selfie Stations allow guests to create photos and boomerangs which they can be instantly email to themselves.

2.) DIY Cocktail Bar: What’s not to love about having a cocktail cart at your wedding reception? This is a fairly inexpensive and entertaining way to provide your guests with some of their favorite cocktails!

3.) Dessert Table: Invite your guests to partake of your table of sweet treats! Not only is it sure to impress your guests, it’ll make for some great photographs, too!

4.) Invite your most friendly friends: Get your most lively, outgoing friends to act as, "table ambassadors." Their task is to ensure that everyone at the table is introduced (to each other), included and having a ball. "Your friend will feel like they have a VIP job and table conversation will flow!

5.) Hire a Rockin DJ: This is were we come in! We have done hundreds of weddings and events and know exactly what is needed to keep the party going. We provide the finest wedding mixing for guests of all ages.

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