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Face Book Live and Wedding DJs

The Covid-19 virus has effected ALL of us, and one of the most economically impacted groups is event professionals. Think about it, Quarantine is in affect in just about every corner of the globe, people are either cancelling, or postponing their events as we approach what is normally our busiest time of year (Spring & Summer).

Leave it to the DJ to figure out how to engage and reach out to customers and potential customers alike. The platform of choice is Face Book via the "Live" function. Face Book live allows DJs to reach out directly and perform live in front audiences via the internet. I've seen DJ's perform for online crowds as small as 10 people and as large as 100k people. So if you're are looking for a way to kill time, don't hesitate to click onto and enjoy one of the many live DJ performances sprouting up all over Face Book. You can thank me later. :-)

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