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Biggest Expected Wedding Trends in 2021

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed peoples expectations for their weddings. In 2021 couples (in general) are making things more intentional by focusing more on the ceremony, creating more personalized details, and spending more money per person to make guests a bigger part of the wedding experience. Keep reading if you want to learn more about wedding trends we believe will emerge in 2021

Micro Weddings

I believe we will continue to see a rise in the number of micro weddings and small intimate weddings with fewer than 50 guests. There are lots of pluses to this new trend, from a focus on who is in attendance to the overall vibe of the event, which can lend itself to being more personal and emotional.

Backyard Weddings

There's always something special about an outdoor or at-home backyard wedding, especially so during a pandemic. We love seeing couples embrace what's right in front of them by hosting an intimate outdoor celebration.

Covid Ceremony Assigned Seating

For wedding ceremonies assigned seating is typical reserved for family member, but we're seeing more and more assigned guest seating. This is a COVID-19 safety measure that we hope sticks around post-pandemic. Assigned seating shows guests that you acknowledge their presence and adds a small personal touch.

Formal Dinner Service

Due to food-service restrictions and reduced guest counts, we are seeing a lot less buffet style dinning and the return of really elegant plated course meals. This is an opportunity for couples to get really creative with their menu, and also, allows couples to make each place setting feel special for the guests by placing a hand written note on every plate or perhaps a small gift.

Mini Wedding Cakes

For safety reasons, and also to make guests feel more special, couples are serving Individual Wedding cakes. These can be plated at the table or sent home as a treat at the end of the party.

Customized Accessories Favors

In 2020 personalized masks and hand sanitizer have become all the rage. Why not customize yours with your initials, logo, and/or wedding date and hand them out as favors. Great way to add a small personal touch to your wedding celebration.

Wedding Celebration Care Packages

Whether getting married on Zoom or having a micro wedding, couples are not forgetting about guests who are not physically in attendance. They are mailing celebration boxes with Cocktail/mini wine bottle to guests for live toasts via Face Book Live, or steaming their weddings via Twitch or other social media streaming platforms. Some are even sending treats like a mini wedding cake, and cookies. I personally love this trend and hope it continues for guests unable to attend.
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